Source Code Library for VS-Smalltalk

Smalltalk Portability Layer – The Smalltalk Portability Layer (ST80/VW compatibility)

Application level frameworks – Google Earth automation framework. – Computer Vision framework. A framework for high perfomance video analysis and image processing. – VisualSmalltalk for the Web. A framework for generating active contents for the web using Visual Smalltalk.

VS(E) Freeware & goodies Includes some of the Tec4 freeware packages, and also the Enhanced Class Hierarchy Browser. The Tec4 (PolicyWorks) enhancements – VS Goodies at Smalltalking. – VSE2000 Patches – More goodies, including the refactoring browser

Todorov, T. :; (Smalltalk source)

Petit Parser (.st format)

Gerardo Richarte: (Smalltalk source)

Rosenberg, A: Different GC strategies PrcssSch.cls; (Smalltalk source)

Rosenberg, A: Stack trace for native exceptions; (Smalltalk source, DLL) – Goodies by Henrik Hoyer / 360 Business Tool – JSON, CSV and more