Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008

The following problems specific to Windows 7/Windows Vista are known:

  • DEP causes GPF on startup, see: VS on IA32 Microprocessors with NX support.
  • freshly allocated memory on Vista is not filled with zero bytes. This causes the VM trying to free NULL ptr. Usually this is no problem, because the API checks for this bug. But when trying to get the “Certified for Windows Vista Logo”, this may be a problem, because the AppVerifier will log this as a bug. Cincom has released a new VM that solves this problem (contact them for information).
  • some people have reported crashes when pressing “skip” in the debugger. Not much is currently known about this problem.
  • TreeView control seems to be broken in Vista (this is not related to VS). VistaTreeViewBug